October 9, 2020

Release notes


  • When entering Open review mode by clicking any label in the Label Activity table, there is now an additional Label browser panel. Reviewing is now integrated into this new Label browser (10/7/20).

  • There are new keyboard shortcuts for accepting labels, rejecting labels, and designating a label as a benchmark (10/7/20).

  • You can now search for project names when setting up a project and in the Settings tab for an existing project (10/5/20).

  • We added a new GraphQL mutation, unsetAllLabelingParameterOverrides, that unsets all of the labeling parameter overrides on a project (10/7/20).


  • Customers not using Tiled Imagery for labeling will no longer be able to see the Legacy editor as a labeling interface option (10/7/20).


  • We improved our Editor performance for assets containing 300+ annotations (9/28/20).