June 6, 2022

Release notes


  • Now you can add relationships between your annotations in a PDF document. See our docs on image annotation relationships to learn more.

  • You can now quickly import your Data Rows and attach your metadata with one or two lines of code. Then, you can filter based on metadata in Catalog. See our docs on importing metadata for more details.

  • With our new model training integration, you can connect Labelbox to your preferred model training cloud provider or your custom model training service via webhooks or the Python SDK and launch training jobs all from the Labelbox UI. This enables you to simplify your pipeline with a single low-code integration. See our docs on model training to learn more.

Python SDK

Our latest version of the Python SDK is v3.22.1. See our full changelog in Github for more details on what was added recently.

Version 3.22.1 (2022-05-23)


  • Renamed custom_metadata to metadata_fields in DataRow

Version 3.22.0 (2022-05-20)


  • Dataset.create_data_row() and Dataset.create_data_rows() now uploads metadata to data row
  • Added media_attributes and metadata to BaseData


  • Removed iou from classification metrics

Version 3.21.1 (2022-05-12)


  • Project.create_batch() timeout increased to 180 seconds

Version 3.21.0 (2022-05-11)


  • Projects can be created with a media_type
  • Added media_type attribute to Project
  • New MediaType enumeration


  • Added back the mimetype to datarow bulk uploads for orgs that require delegated access