July 20, 2021

Release notes



  • Catalog (beta) is now available to all paid customers. From the Catalog tab you will be able to preview and filter across all of your training data (annotations included) in one place.


  • We updated the new user signup experience. This new user signup experience only applies to the first user who signs up for a Labelbox organization (when a new Org is created).

  • The support chatbox is now opened from the top navbar. You can access it by clicking the “?” icon at the top.

  • The Create dataset page in the app has been redesigned to clarify your import options.


  • CSV exports will no longer be supported as of 10/01/2021.

  • We have deprecated the labeling time column in the “Labeling breakdown” section of the Account usage page. Workforce customers will still continue to receive a report for the billable hours and other customers should use the time in the performance dashboard of each project.

Python SDK


  • asset_metadata will no longer be supported in the SDK as of 07/23/21. See the Python SDK changelog for more information.