July 6, 2021

Release notes



  • You can now search for members by email in the Members tab.

  • When labeling text data, you can nest all 4 classification types within Entity annotations.

  • You can use hotkeys to copy and paste in the Text (NER) Editor.

  • The Issues & comments feature is available in the Video editor.

  • The NER editor now has an objects panel so you can scroll through all of your Entity annotations in one place.


  • We updated our video editor with a new and improved timeline.

  • We updated the Performance dashboard. It now includes 3 sub-tabs for throughput, efficiency, and quality.

  • We removed the “Ambiguous labels” count from the Review table. That count is now added to “Approved labels” and “Declined labels” to better reflect what the user sees in the activity table on clicking the link.

Python SDK

Run pip install --upgrade labelbox to make sure you are using the latest version of the Python SDK (v2.7.0). You can find the running changelog here.


  • You can now use the new dataset.export_data_rows() to return all DataRows for a Dataset. This returns all of the Data Row information in a single request.

  • asset_metadata is now deprecated and has been replaced with asset_attachments.

  • AssetAttachment replaces AssetMetadata (see definition for updated attribute names).

  • Use DataRow.attachments() instead of DataRow.metadata().

  • Use DataRow.create_attachment() instead of DataRow.create_metadata().


  • Updated the create_mask_ndjson helper function in image_mal.ipynb to use the color arg instead of a hardcoded color.

  • Updated pydantic version.



  • The GraphQL API now contains a new parameter, Label.contentLastUpdatedAt. This indicates the last time an annotation associated with the given label was updated.