Adjust data row priority via LPO

If you require specific assets to be labeled before other assets, you can assign your Data Row a specific priority. Data Rows with higher priorities will be placed at the top of the labeling queue and be worked on by your labeling workforce first.

Please note that the system supports up to 5 levels of priority. An easy way to achieve this would be through integer values from 1 (highest priority) through 5 (lowest priority).

In the example below, after the prioritization is set, file_5 will be labeled first due to having priority 1 and file_2 will be second with priority 2.


Configuring data row priority

Below are the ways you can set the priority of a data row:

  • If you are using batch based queues, you can set the priority when adding the batch to a project (see below)
  • After Data Rows are added to a project (in either batch based queues or dataset based queues), you can set the priority of specific Data Rows of our SDK
  • (Future) UI support to update priority from the data row tab will be coming.

Batch configured with priority 1