Adjust number of labels via LPO

Set a specific number a labels a data row should get. This can only be used for projects with consensus settings enabled.

By default, each asset in the Label queue will be labeled once. However, if you need a specific asset to be labeled more than once, you have two options:

  1. You can use our Consensus feature which will have the queue automatically assign data rows to be labeled more than once based on your consensus settings
  2. You can use the GraphQL API to target an individual asset and specify the number of times it should get labeled. Labelbox will automatically re-enter that asset into the Label queue and redistribute it to active labelers until it has received the number of Labels specified.

Please note that the Number of Labels override configured through LPO.numberOfLabels will only be supported if the Quality setting for a project has been set to Consensus. You can opt to keep the Consensus coverage to 0%. Conversely, LPO.numberOfLabels will be ignored if the Quality setting for a project has been set to Benchmark.