Python annotation types



The standard input format used to upload annotations to Labelbox.

Python annotation types

The Labelbox Python Annotation Types are a common format for representing human and machine-generated annotations. Teams can use Annotations Types to standardize and simplify many aspects of their machine learning data management.

Key features:


Annotation Types is part of data extra of the Labelbox Python SDK.

pip install "labelbox[data]"


  • A LabelCollection is a list or generator for working with a collection of Labels
  • A Label is constructed fromData and Annotations. E.g. an image and bounding boxes
  • An Annotation is either an ObjectAnnotation or a ClassificationAnnotation.
  • Annotations have a name and a Geometry, Classification, or some Text data.


Creating labels and annotations

A simple example creating a Point at the coordinate (10, 10) with the class name "target" on an image.

from import  Label, LabelList, ImageData, Point, ObjectAnnotation

labels = [
    data = ImageData(url = "http://my-img.jpg"),
    annotations = [
            value = Point(x = 10, y = 10),
            name = "target"
labels = LabelList(labels)

Serializing annotations

It's a common workflow to change the format for annotations to work with tools like Model diagnostics or Model-assisted labeling (MAL). Using a built-in or custom serializer you can transform annotations to the necessary format.

from import NDJsonConverter

project = client.get_project("<project-id>")

# To assign feature schema ids to named fields
lblabels = labels.assign_feature_schema_ids(OntologyBuilder.from_project(project))
# conver to NDJSON format
ndlabels = NDJsonConverter.serialize(lblabels)

# Upload for model assisted labeling
upload_task = project.upload_annotations(


You can explore the functionality of the library through the following notebooks.

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