Create/view metadata

Upload metadata

At this time you can only import and export metadata with the Python SDK.

import labelbox 
client = labelbox.Client()

mdo = client.get_data_row_metadata_ontology()

# List all available fields

# Access a field by name, names are unique
tag_schema = mdo.reserved_by_name["tag"]
# Enums options can be accessed as such
train_schema = mdo.reserved_by_name["split"]["train"]
# Custom fields
custom_field = mdo.custom_by_name["my-custom-field"]

To upload Metadata you must construct two objects. To upload metadata for a DataRow you construct a DataRowMetadata object which contains the fields DataRowMetadataFields to put on the DataRow. To construct a metadata field you must provide the Schema Id for the field and value that will be uploaded. Metadata will overwrite on a per-field basis. All metadata uploads are through a bulk endpoint.

# Get data row
dr = next(dataset.export_data_rows())

train_schema = mdo.reserved_by_name["split"]["train"]

# Construct an enum field
field = DataRowMetadataField(
    schema_id=train_schema.parent,  # specify the schema id
    value=train_schema.uid, # typed inputs

# Completed object ready for upload
upload = DataRowMetadata(
    data_row_id=dr.uid,  # DataRow Id not ExternalId
# Provide a list of DataRowMetadata objects to upload
# Construct a string field
from datetime import datetime

# Create a utc timezone datetime object
dt = datetime.utcnow()

# Construct a datetime field
# Construct a number field
confidence = 0.4
# Construct a datetime field
     schema_id=mdo.custom_by_name["confidence"].uid, # custom field

Filter & view

Metadata can be used within Catalog and Projects to filter data. You can view Metadata on a DataRow using the detail view for a Data Row.


You can bulk export Metadata by Data Row with the SDK. You can specify multiple Data Row IDs in the array.

# Export metadata from a list of data row ids.
metadata = mdo.bulk_export([data_row.uid])


You can delete Metadata for a Data Row through the SDK. To delete Metadata for a Data Row, you must specify the fields you want to delete by Schema Id. The deletion will not fail if the Schema Id is not present on the Data Row.

# Specify the schemas to delete
schemas = [tag_schema, ...]

# Create a delete object
deletes = DeleteDataRowMetadata(
    fields=[s.uid for s in schemas]

mdo.bulk_delete([deletes]) # pass an array of deletes

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