Enterprise dashboards


Enterprise Dashboards must be enabled by Labelbox for each user

A Labelbox Enterprise license grants access to 10 user accounts. Additional seats can be purchased for Enterprise and Business Pro licenses. For more information, please reach out to your account manager.

If you are interested in using Enterprise Dashboards and are a current Enterprise or Business Pro account, please fill out this form.

Each unique user must submit the above form in order to gain access to Enterprise Dashboards.

The Labelbox Enterprise Dashboard provides you with a global view of all of your labeling operations and activity across all of your Labelbox projects. Additionally, you can easily view, filter, and schedule regular reports based on your data.

Opening the Enterprise Dashboard

Once enabled for your user account, you will be able to access the Enterprise Dashboard by clicking your account details in the top right and selecting Reporting in the drop down.


Once open, you will see a dashboard with a couple of widgets showing Labeling & Reviewing Hours, Annotations, Projects, and Users along with some aggregated metrics.


Data Freshness

Enterprise Dashboard data refreshes once daily at 12 AM PT.


You can interact with the data and charts directly, allowing you to quickly update the sorting, adjust column width, and download the data for further investigation. The download options include CSV, TXT and Excel.


Apply filters

You can filter the data shown in the dashboard based on the following criteria:

  • Labeler email
  • Date submitted
  • Project
  • Dataset

To set up a filter, click on one of the options at the top of the dashboard and type in your selection.


Schedule a report

To schedule a regular report from this dashboard, select the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the dashboard and select Schedule Delivery in the drop-down as seen below.


In the pop-up modal, you will be able to schedule and configure your report based on the following criteria:




Settings - Recurrence

Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Configure the recurrence rate, i.e. how often the report should be run and sent to the selected destination(s).

Settings - Destination

Email, Webhooks, S3, SFTP

The method by which this report will be delivered to your end-users.

Settings - Format

PDF, CSV zip file, PNG

The format that this dashboard report will be sent as.


Labeler email, Date submitted, Project, and Dataset

These are the same filter options as described above.

Advanced Options - Custom Message


Type in a free text custom message that will be sent with the report.

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