General best practices

Below are some tips for configuring your Labelbox setup for optimal performance.

  1. Use Google Chrome. While Labelbox will work on other web browsers, we recommend using Labelbox on Google Chrome to ensure the best experience.

  2. Use one browser window. Using the Labelbox Editor in multiple sessions (i.e., multiple browser windows/tabs or concurrently on multiple machines) is not recommended. For the smoothest experience, make sure you are only using Labelbox in one browser window at a time. Connecting to Labelbox with multiple sessions may result in duplicate labels.

  3. Remember to log out. If you normally use Labelbox on more than one computer, make sure you are logged out of Labelbox on all other computers before logging in on another computer. This will ensure that any reservations that are being held can be cleared out and distributed to other labelers.

  4. Store your cloud data close to your labeling team. In order to ensure quick loading times for your labelers, we recommend hosting your cloud data as close as possible to your labeling team. The greater the distance between your labeling team and your cloud storage location, the longer it takes to fetch cloud-hosted files and load them in the Editor.

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