Installation - AWS EKS cluster



These installation instructions assume the AWS EKS requirements as documented have been met.


  1. Ensure you have the certificates, along with the License, Labelbox KOTS Airgap Bundle, and the KOTS CLI in a local directory like so:
mkdir labelbox-eks-install
mv *.yaml *.crt *.key labelbox-eks-install/.
cd labelbox-eks-install
  1. To install Labelbox, use the KOTS CLI like so. Please change the <KOTS_UI_CONSOLE_PASSWORD> to a password of your choosing.
kubectl kots install labelbox-kots/eks-release-general-stable \
--airgap false \
--namespace labelbox \
--shared-password <KOTS_UI_CONSOLE_PASSWORD> \
--license-file ./eks-license.yaml
  1. After installation is completed, there will be a port which has been forwarded from your local 8800 to the kots-admin-console. Open a browser and login to the KOTS console using the <KOTS_UI_CONSOLE_PASSWORD> you created above.

If the console isn't coming up for you, you can try to restart it using:

kubectl kots admin-console

If that command times out, you can use kubectl port forwarding instead:

kubectl port-forward -–address= service/kotsadm 8800:3000
  1. Once you login to the kots-admin-console, perform the following steps:
    1. Click on the link at the bottom to proceed using images from the Internet.
    2. Enter the hostname as <YOURDOMAIN.COM>
    3. Add your PEM crt and key for *.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>
    4. Select a number for GB to change the PersistentVolume size for the object store where all your media assets are stored in your labelbox app. Default is 500 GB.
    5. Change the Keycloak password to something else.
    6. Save and Deploy
  2. Update DNS to point *.COM> to the AWS load-balancer with a CNAME DNS record. To get your load-balancer endpoint, run the following command:
kubectl get svc/envoy -n projectcontour
  1. Login to https://keycloak.<YOURDOMAIN.COM> to change the lbadmin app admin user credentials. This will be how to login to Labelbox in the next step.
  2. Login at https://app.<YOURDOMAIN.COM> with your lbadmin user credentials. You can start using Labelbox now.

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