Installation - embedded cluster non-airgapped


  1. SSH into the target machine.
  2. Run the following command:
curl -sSL | sudo bash
  1. When prompted to disable SELinux, choose (Y)es. This could take a few minutes as the kubernetes runtime is installed. When the installer is done, save the password displayed
  2. In a supported browser (Chrome or Safari) visit the link for the kots admin-console UI https://<YOURDOMAIN.COM>:8800
  3. A prompt will be displayed asking if you want to upload a certificate. Upload the appropriate certificate or skip and accept the self-signed cert (use your discretion)
  4. Select and Upload your license file.
  5. Select the link at the bottom to download Labelbox from the Internet.
  6. Click on the link at the bottom to proceed using images from the internet.
  7. Enter your primary resolved <YOURDOMAIN.COM> hostname.
  8. Add your PEM crt and key for *.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>.
  9. Select a number for GB to change the PersistentVolume size for the object store where all your media assets are stored in your labelbox app. Default is 500 GB.


Suggestion to change the Keycloak password

The default username and password should be changed to something else. Please save this password as it will be needed to configure users of Labelbox

  1. All other defaults should be left as is.
  2. Select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. Wait approximately 45 minutes for the application to stabilize and show ready on the KOTS UI.
  3. Configure keycloak to your organization’s requirements.
  4. Login at https://app.<YOURDOMAIN.COM> with user(s) or default ‘lbadmin’ Labelbox app admin user configured in keycloak

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