When you are labeling videos in the Editor, you can customize the following for each annotation:

  • The selected frames to persist the annotation

  • The size of the annotation (only applies to bounding box)

  • The position of the annotation on the frames (does not apply to classifications)

By default, when you apply an annotation to a single frame, the annotation will persist until the last frame of the video.

If you would rather limit an annotation to a set of frames, you must select the set of frames before applying an annotation to the frame selection.

When you insert a new keyframe (i.e., change the position or size of an annotation) between two existing keyframes, Labelbox will re-interpolate the frames between the affected keyframes.

When an object of interest exits the frame, then reappears 1 or more frames later, use the toggle icon to turn on/off the annotation. Toggle on/off annotations on multiple frames at a time is not supported. Note: Toggle on/off does not apply to classifications.

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