Label activity

The Label tab within a project allows you to quickly and easily understand your labeled data by showing what is remaining to be labeled and any review statuses.


Deprecation notice

The Labels tab will soon be deprecated for all customers. Use the Data Row tab instead.

How to access your labeled data

To view the labels within a project, navigate to the Labels tab on the project page. This will take you to our Label Activity table which has several tabs available:

Activity - This table will contain all the data labeled within this project. When populated, you will be able to see details about each label such as who created the label, labeling time, reviewing time, and other relevant details.
Queue - This section will list out the data rows you are currently queued to be labeled in your project.
Benchmarks - If you are using our Benchmark functionality, you can view the Benchmark scores of your Benchmark labels in this section. Learn more about benchmarks here.

Filtering your data to find relevant labels

In the Activity section, you will be able to apply filters to the list of labels in the top right section. When applied, you will only be shown relevant labeled data in the Activity Table.

How to open the Label browser

You can access the Label browser by clicking on any row in the Activity table (under the Labels tab). In the Label browser panel, you will see a list of all assets in your project and their review score. It presents a streamlined and transparent way to do the following:

  • Modify a review

  • Modify a label

  • Copy a label URL

  • See team progress