Supported platforms

Supported platforms

Labelbox Enterprise is the customer-managed infra offering of Labelbox for deployment in your cloud infrastructure, on your own virtualized infrastructure, or on your own hardware. Labelbox supports two distinct deployment platforms:

  • Embedded cluster deployment with KOTS and all appropriate containers being on 1 running instance
  • Bring my own cluster
    • AWS EKS

Embedded cluster platform

This platform can be used for simple installations of Labelbox on one single virtualized or bare-metal instance. The virtual machine can hosted using VMWare or one of the major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure.

On the VM or instance, Kubernetes is installed along with the Labelbox application and its infrastructure requirements. You can choose to install an air-gapped or non-air-gapped modes, which dictate if Internet access to allowed outbound from this instance.


This platform can be used to create a distributed Kubernetes cluster in an EKS environment. In this case, the customer can choose to manage and configure Kubernetes themselves and just deploy the Labelbox application to it.