Send batch from model run

Instructions for sending a batch of data rows from a model run to a labeling project via the app UI.

Labelbox allows users to send data rows from Model to a labeling project in Annotate using a batch. Queueing data rows via a batch gives you flexibility and control of the data rows to label.

Create a batch from a model run

To send a batch of data to a project for labeling, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Model and filter for the relevant data rows you want to label.

  2. Once you have the desired data rows in the result, choose Select all or manually select data rows to include in your batch. Once you have the data rows selected, hit the blue button at the top of the screen and select Send to > Project as batch

  1. From the batch creation modal, choose a project, give the batch a name, and select a priority for the data rows. When setting data row priority, 1 is the highest, and 5 is the lowest. You may see a warning that some of the data rows have already been submitted to the labeling project. Data rows that have already been submitted will be excluded from the batch when you click submit.
  2. Optionally, include predictions as pre-labels in the batch.
    To speed up labeling, you can send predictions stored in a model run, as pre-labels in the labeling project. Learn more about How to include predictions as pre-labels in a batch
  3. Click Submit batch. Then, navigate to the project to begin labeling.