Prelabel with predictions

Here, you learn how to use Model Foundry predictions to prelabel your data by sending them to an Annotate project.

You can use Model Foundry to prelabel data. To do so, submit predictions from a completed model run to a Project.

The project must exist before you can submit predictions. For help, see Create a project.

To begin, use Model to select your model and model run.

  1. Select the data rows to be added to the project.
  2. From the Manage selection menu, select Add batch to project.
  1. The Review batch view appears. Use the Project drop-down to select the target project.
  1. Enter a name for your batch and the select Submit batch.

At this point, you return to the model run predictions. A small banner appears along the bottom of the screen while the predictions are added to the project. The banner disappears when the process completes.