Organize projects with tags

Tags help you organize your projects and search them intuitively and efficiently.

As you create more projects (often more than 50) in Labelbox, being able to manage and navigate a flat list of these projects becomes increasingly difficult. Project tags help you denote a specific category of information. You can use tags to organize projects by the type of annotation (e.g., bounding box, polygon, etc.), priority (e.g., high, medium, low, etc.), or type of asset (e.g., image, video, text, etc.). You can also use tags filter your projects.

A tag will consist of a name (string value) and an associated color. Tags will be visible to all members who have access, however, only admins can manage (create, update, or delete) them.

Note that tags and projects have a many-to-many relationship. So a single tag can be added to multiple projects and a single project can have multiple tags added to it.

Project tags are visible on the Projects page as well as from within a project.


Tags visible on the Projects page and within a project

Create and view tags

To view a list of all tags, click the Tags button on the Projects page. This opens up the Manage tags modal that shows a list of all existing tags (if any) with the option to add more.


Viewing all tags in your workspace

Add or remove tags

Once tags are created, you can assign them to specific projects from the Projects page as well as from within a project.

From the Projects page, navigate to the rightmost portion of the row associated with the specific project. Click on the vertical ellipsis and select Edit info.


Adding a tag to a project

From within a project, click on the Edit icon.

Both of the above will open up the Edit info modal that will allow you to assign a tag from the existing list of tags within your workspace.

To remove from the project, you can simply X out the tag to delete it from the project.


Remove a tag from a project

Modify or delete tags

For existing tags, you can modify or delete the tag values at any point from the Manage Tags modal by clicking the Tags button on the Projects page. Once you are in the modal, hover over any tag to reveal the Modify and Delete buttons.

Clicking on Modify opens up the ability to simply change the text or color value in place. Once you have put in your change, hit Enter key to confirm your change.


Modifying a tag

Similarly, hit Delete to delete a tag. Labelbox will ask you for confirmation before deletion.


Deleting a tag

Filtering projects by tags

Once you have added tags to projects, you can filter projects by specific tag(s). On the Projects page, use the Tags dropdown to select one or more tags to filter by. Note that the Tags dropdown filter becomes visible only after you have added a tag to at least one project.


Filtering on tags

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