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Importing a dataset via the Standard hybrid cloud method involves creating a JSON file that contains signed (or public) URLs to each cloud-hosted file and importing that JSON file to Labelbox.

Part 1: Secure your URLs

If you choose to make your URLs private before you import them into Labelbox, we recommend the following:

  1. Create signed URLs
  2. Create CORS headers

Alternatively, you can always import public URLs to your cloud-hosted files.

Part 2: Create your JSON file

At a minimum, your JSON file must contain at least one URL to a cloud-hosted file.

Asset type

JSON import format


See sample


See sample


See sample

Tiled imagery

See sample

Part 3: Import your JSON file

You can import your JSON file in one of two ways:

  1. Drop the JSON file into the Create Dataset page in the app.
  2. Use the Python SDK to import your JSON file (click the Google colab link at the top of this page).

What’s Next

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