TLS certificates & DNS



The endpoint <YOURDOMAIN.COM> above is just an example. Any valid FQDN is acceptable here as long as you own it and it's the same across all endpoints.

Certificates required

In order to install the Labelbox application, certificates are needed. These certificates can be purchased from a Certificate of Authority (CA) or can be from a private CA and should be in PEM format.

Wildcard or SAN certificates are allowed. The following endpoints are needed:

  • keycloak.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>
  • editor.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>
  • image-segmentation.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>
  • object-store.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>


Note: Private CA Certificates

If you are using private CA certificate, it requires the root and intermediate certificates in PEM format to be chained with the actual PEM certificate in the crt file for the installation.

cat yourdomain.crt intermediateCA.crt rootCA.crt > yourdomain-chain.crt
The correct .crt to use for the installation is now yourdomain-chain.crt


The endpoints above need to point to your all-in-one instance or the AWS Load-Balancer, whichever platform you are using.

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