Troubleshooting and Notes

It is a good measure to restart all the labelbox pods once the installation has completed and all pods are in Running 1/1 or Completed 0/1 state. This avoids potential snags with race conditions during the installation bootup process:

kubectl delete pods --all -n <LABELBOX_PODS_NAMESPACE>

If the Labelbox apps installation fails, due to any unexpected interruption or issues, you can attempt to reinstall kubernetes Labelbox apps by cleaning the namespace

kubectl kots remove labelbox-kots –f -n <LABELBOX_PODS_NAMESPACE>

If the <LABELBOX_PODS_NAMESPACE> or projectcontour namespace persists:

Kubectl delete ns/<LABELBOX_PODS_NAMESPACE> ns/projectcontour

If a CORS warning appears when viewing assets under Datasets or Catalog views, but labeling actions in the editor are unaffected, it is safe to ignore this warning.

If NITF conversions are not working, it could be because the pod named image-processing-service-worker cannot connect to prisma-rabbitmq. This is most likely because rabbitmq was not ready when the service attempted to connect to rabbitmq.

Run this command to see the logs and check if AMQP connections are failing:

kubectl logs -lapp=image-processing-service-worker -f  ### ctrl c to cancel

Run this command to restart the pod:

kubectl delete po -lapp=image-processing-service-worker  ### restart the pod

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