View video labels

When you export your Labels, the export will contain a Label element for each video in the project. Each Label will contain a URL to an NDJSON file containing the information for the labeled frames in that video.

"Label": {
    "frames": "<URL-TO-NDJSON-FILE>"

View video frame annotations in Postman

An easy way to access your video frame labels is in the Postman UI.


  1. Open Postman and create a new basic API request.

  2. Copy the URL for frames and paste it as the request URL.

  3. Go to the Headers tab.

  4. Select Authorization as the key.

  5. Paste your API key as the Authorization value.

  6. Click Send.

Access video frame annotations via the API

To access the URL containing the information for the labeled frames, place your API key in the authorization header.

The endpoint this URL points to may return an HTTP 301 response. If this happens, the HTTP response will contain a Location header with the download URL. Each element in the NDJSON file represents a labeled frame in the video (unlabeled frames will not be included).

If the label is skipped and has no data, the endpoint will return an HTTP 204 response.

Bash example

curl -L -H "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"  $FRAMES_URL > $FRAMES_FILE_LOCATION

Python example

import requests

headers = {'Authorization': f"Bearer {API_KEY}"}
ndjson_response = requests.get(frames_url, headers=headers)

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