Labelbox documentation

Export labels

You can export your labels via the Labelbox UI, the Python SDK, or the GraphQL API.

To export your labels as JSON or CSV from the Labelbox UI, follow these steps:

  1. Select a project.

  2. Go to the Exports tab.

  3. Choose CSV or JSON as your export format.

  4. Click Generate export.

  5. Go to the Tasks dropdown in the navbar and download your export.

To export your labels via the GraphQL API, see Bulk export.

To learn how to export your labels via the Python SDK, see the Python API reference.

Label format

When you export your labels from your project, the Label key in the export file contains all of the annotation information. The asset is not included in Label.

The Label key has two categorizations of annotations:

  • objects include Segmentation mask, Bounding box, Polygon, Polyline, Point, and Entity

  • classifications include Radio, Checklist, Dropdown, and Text

This section contains the export format for each tool and data type.