Labelbox documentation


You can import text data via .txt files or text strings. Labelbox supports emojis in the Editor when the text asset is imported from a cloud bucket.

This sample JSON will import two separate text assets. Use this JSON format when importing via the Labelbox UI or GraphQL API.

        "data": "Lucy has a set of medical conditions that are summarized as HERNS.\nIn 1996, Lucy experienced a minor stroke, which caused temporary paralysis in her left arm.\n3 years ago, Lucy was diagnosed as lupus carrier. Since the diagnosis, Lucy has been taking Warfarin and she expects to maintain Warfarin therapy for life."
         "data": ""


  • data is REQUIRED and accepts a text string (emojis not supported) or an https:// path to an external text file URL.


To see the JSON format for importing via the Python SDK, see Add data rows via JSON.