Labelbox documentation

App dashboard

When you go to, you can view and manage your Projects, Members, and Datasets. You can also manage other settings and configurations at the account level.


Projects tab

When you click on the Projects tab, you will see a list of all projects related to your organization. By default, the most recently created projects will be listed first.


Here you can search for a project, create a new project, delete a project by clicking on the three dots next to a project name, and pin one or more projects to the top of this list.

You can also access the Project dashboard by clicking on a project. The Project dashboard displays project-specific metrics and provides access to tools to help you manage and monitor the progress of each individual project.

For more information about these project-specific metrics and tools, see Intro to the project dashboard.

Members tab

When you click on the Members tab, you will see a list of all members in your organization. The most recently added members will be listed first.


Here you can add members, remove members from your organization, and change the role of a member. For more information on the organization and project-based roles, see Manage members.Manage members

You can also add members to a project by selecting selecting a project, going to the Settings tab, and clicking Members.

Datasets tab

When you click on the Datasets tab, you will see a complete list of all of the datasets you have created. The most recently created datasets will be listed first.


Here you can upload a new dataset, delete a dataset by clicking on the three dots next to a dataset name, and add to a dataset.

You can also upload a new dataset by selecting a project and going to the Settings tab.


When you click on Tasks, you will see a dropdown list of all of the server-side operations you have requested. For example, when you select Generate export, the Labelbox server will create a file containing all label data for a given project so you can download it. In addition to listing data export tasks, this dropdown will also list all of your data import tasks.


Account section

In the top right corner of the Labelbox app is your user dropdown menu. When you click Account, you'll see a page with 5 tabs:

The Details tab contains the following profile details: full name, email, membership role, organization name, and organization ID.

In the Usage tab, you can view the annotation usage count for your Organization. The Annotation breakdown chart shows annotation count by asset type (i.e. Text, Video, Images) and they are bucketed by creation date (GMT). Deleted annotations are included in the annotation usage count.

This section also contains two tables for Organization usage and Labeling breakdown. You can also get billable annotation counts programmatically via the GraphQL API.


The API tab is where you can generate an API key. For more details, see our docs on API keys.Create API key

Webhooks contains instructions for setting up Webhooks with Labelbox.

The Integrations tab is where you can set up an IAM Delegated Access integration in the UI.