Labelbox documentation




A file uploaded to Labelbox for labeling. Can be video, image, text, or geospatial data.


A flag admins can apply to a labeled asset to mark it as the "Gold standard" for that Asset.


Category that includes the following annotation types: Radio, Checklist, Dropdown, Text.

Data Row

Internal representation of an Asset. Includes all associated metadata and all associated annotation information for an Asset.


A collection of Data Rows.

Label queue

Contains unlabeled Assets. This is where Assets are first enqueued when uploaded to Labelbox.


The individuals within an Organization. Organization admins can set Organization-level or Project-level permissions for each Member.

Model-assisted labeling (MAL)

A workflow that allows you to import annotations to one or more Data Rows in Labelbox and load them as editable annotations in the Editor.


Category that includes the following annotation types: Bounding box, Polygon, Polyline, Point, Mask, Entity.


A customizable, hierarchical set of reusable Label schemas that can be used across one or more Projects.

Open review

Admins can access Open Review by clicking on the Data Row in the Labels tab. Serves as a useful way to quality-check Reviews.


Top-level entity that contains one or more Members. Each Labelbox customer account gets its own Organization.


Contains all labeling and reviewing work on a Dataset. There is only one Ontology allowed per Project.

Queue-based review

Labels are distributed from the Review queue to reviewing Members.

Review queue

Contains labeled Assets. When the Review step is enabled, a percentage of labeled Assets are added to the Review queue.


The reusable "leaves" of the ontology. Includes the color, name, type, etc for each annotation.

Schema node

The “structure” of the ontology. Includes the parent and children relationships for each annotation.