Labelbox documentation

Label data

This section contains descriptions for all labeling tools in the Editor and best practices for labeling the following types of data:

  • Images

  • Video

  • Text

  • Geospatial data (legacy editor only)

The Editor will automatically adapt to the data type you are labeling. However, there are some useful features that appear in the Editor for every data type.

If there are labeler instructions attached to the project, you can access them by clicking on the i icon in the top left corner.

Also, you can access the keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the keyboard icon in the top right corner.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can view these shortcuts in the Editor by clicking on the keyboard icon in the top right corner.


The first 10 items in your ontology.



Use these shortcuts to toggle between the object annotations.


View controls

These shortcuts help you adjust your view of the asset in the Editor.


Drawing tools

Use these shortcuts to help you draw your object annotations.



Use these shortcuts to help you navigate the Editor.