Labelbox documentation

Geospatial data

Tiled imagery

Tiled imagery uses a Slippy Map tool for labeling map tiles of the earth at various zoom levels. Slippy Map is a term that refers to the modern web maps that let you zoom and pan around.

Tiled imagery supports the following coordinate reference systems (CRS):

  • EPSG:3857 is a projected coordinate system measured in meters on a flattened surface. It is the projection of EPSG:4326 coordinate system onto a square for viewing on a web app. Uses the Spherical Mercator projection (AKA Web Mercator projection) to render on a web page.

  • Simple is a basic geographic coordinate reference system that directly maps x as longitude and y as latitude. Also uses the Equirectangular or Plate Carrée projection to render on a web page.

You can use any of the image labeling tools to label Tiled imagery data.