Labelbox documentation


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an area of research and application that explores how to use computers to “understand” and manipulate natural language, such as text or speech. Most NLP techniques rely on machine learning to derive meaning from human languages. One of NLP’s methodologies for processing natural language is text classification, a method that leverages deep learning to categorize sequences of unstructured text.

The Tools menu contains all of the annotation classes available in the ontology. For large ontologies, it can be useful to use the search bar to find the annotation class you are looking for.

The following is not supported when labeling text in the Editor:

  • Nested classifications

  • Benchmarks

  • Objects panel

Text classification

Use our Classification tool to create global classifications on a text asset.


Named entity recognition

You can use the Named entity recognition (NER) tool to classify words or phrases from unstructured text into pre-categorized entities. NER is often used for search algorithms, recommendation systems, and applications that require automatic categorization of text. Many real-world applications even require the use of computer vision and NER to work in conjunction.

To create an Entity annotation, you must select the Entity from the Tools menu then highlight the set of characters.