Labelbox documentation

Manage team

The Members feature allows you to invite individual users and set the permission settings for each member. If multiple users are collaborating on a project, Labelbox will distribute the data to the members with the appropriate access. Members will only get unique data, meaning Labelbox will not allow multiple users to label the same data, unless you enable Consensus.

Member roles

You may set permission levels for each user in one of two ways: at the organization level or at the project-based level. Organization roles and project-based roles are designed to be mutually exclusive. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two:

Organization roles

Project-based roles

A role assigned at this level will apply to all projects within your organization.

Users cannot be restricted from accessing certain projects at the organization level.

If set, the user's project-based roles cannot be modified.

Roles at this level are assigned on a project-by-project basis.

Contains an additional "No access" permission setting to restrict a user from selected projects.

If set, the user's organization role cannot be modified.

With the exception of the "No access" permission which is only available for project-based roles, the role titles at the organization and project levels are the same: Labeler, Reviewer, Team manager, and Admin.

  • A Labeler can label queued data and view their own work from the Activity table. A labeler cannot view labeler performance or view/modify any aspect of the project configuration or data sources.

  • A Reviewer extends the Labeler role by being able to see and review all labeled data in the project.

  • A Team manager extends the Reviewer role by being able to add and remove members inside of a project. The Team Manager can also view labeling performance for all project members.

  • The Admin role can add and make modifications to projects, data, and labelers. Only organization admin users can export labels. By default, the user that signs up for the account has the role of Admin at the organization-level. Project-based admins cannot upload data.

See docs for Add or remove a member to learn how to assign organization and project-based roles to individual users.