Labelbox documentation

Relabel data


Sometimes, you may need to relabel your data because the label does not get approved in the review step, the project ontology has been adjusted, the Consensus or Benchmarks score for the label are lower than expected, or the label quality is just not up to standard.

When you delete a Label on an asset, Labelbox automatically re-enters that asset into the labeling queue to get relabeled.

Follow these steps to relabel an asset:

  1. Go to the Labels tab.

  2. Select the Data Row you wish to relabel and click Delete labels.

  3. Check the box to use the deleted label as a template (starting point) the next time the asset is loaded into the Editor. As long as your dataset is attached to your project, the asset its label template will be added back to the label queue. If your dataset is not attached to your project, re-enqueued assets and label templates will not be available until the dataset is reattached to the project.

  4. Click Start labeling to load the asset in the Editor and label it again.

This can also be done using the GraphQL API. To learn more, see Delete labels.Delete labels