Labelbox documentation

May 19, 2020


  • With our new Video classification tool, you can import mp4 files and label multiple frames at a time using the radio and checklist classification types.

  • Overlay object titles now show object dimensions for bounding boxes (4/29/20).


  • The Performance tab has an improved UI to include charts displaying average metrics across all labelers and individual performance per labeler (5/8/20).

  • The Named Entity Recognition tool has a fixed-width font (5/7/20).

  • The Activity table now has two separate columns for label time and review time (5/8/20).


  • Bounding box completion no longer deactivates the selected object. When you deselect and reselect the bounding box again, the nested classifications will appear in the sidebar as expected (4/29/20).

  • When you use the search bar to select a classification in the new Image editor, you can use “e” to submit the label without needing to esc first (4/27/20).

  • The timer function is more accurate in calculating label & review times (4/27/20).