Annotation count is the sum of the billable annotations created by the team members in your organization.

Get annotation count

To get the billable annotation count for your organization, use the annotationCounts query and specify a date range. If startDate and endDate are both absent, the API returns all available data.

This sample query will get the annotation counts for a single date, 02/08/2021.

startDateDateUTC date in YYYY-MM-DD format. The startDate you specify is included in the date range.
endDateDateUTC date in YYYY-MM-DD format. The endDate you specify is excluded from the date range.
orderByEnumValues are: CREATION_DATE_ASC and CREATION_DATE_DESC. Note: orderBy is optional. If unspecified, results will return in ASC order (ie. default value is CREATION_DATE_ASC)
query GetAnnotationCount {
    annotationCounts (where: {startDate: "2021-02-08", endDate: "2021-02-09"}, orderBy: CREATION_DATE_ASC){

The annotationCounts query returns a list of AnnotationCount objects with the following properties.

imageIntCumulative counts of image annotations for the specified date.
videoIntCumulative counts of video annotations for the specified date.
textInt`Cumulative counts of text annotations for the specified date.
creationDateDateIf annotation counts are not available for a given date, that date's AnnotationCount object will be absent from the response.
updateTimeDateTimeWhen creationDate's data was last updated.