Google BigQuery connector

Access the Labelbox Connector for Google BigQuery to easily perform the following functionalities:

  • lbbq.client.create_data_rows_from_table: Creates Labelbox data rows (and metadata) given a BigQuery table
  • lbbq.client.create_table_from_dataset: Creates a BigQuery table given a Labelbox dataset
  • lbbq.client.upsert_table_metadata: Updates BigQuery table metadata columns given a Labelbox dataset
  • lbbq.client.upsert_labelbox_metadata: Updates Labelbox metadata given a BigQuery table

The demo code supplied in this GitHub repository is designed to run in a Google Colab, but the code can be adapted to any notebook environment.

Please report any issues/bugs via Github Issues.



Install Labelbox-BigQuery to your Python environment. The installation will also add the Labelbox SDK and BigQuery SDK.

pip install labelbox-bigquery
import labelboxbigquery


The client class requires the following arguments:

  • lb_api_key = Labelbox API Key
  • google_key = Google Service Account Permissions dict, how to create one here
  • google_project_name = Google Project ID / Name