Send predictions to Annotate

Shows how to send predictions for human review by creating a batch and sending it to an Annotate project.

Once you’ve generated predictions with Foundry, you can send them to Annotate either as prelabels or as labels for human review, either as prelabels or as annotations associated with a specific labeling step.

Send predictions to Annotate

Once model runs are complete, you might want to use your new predictions as prelabels, which submits them for human review, or as labels associated with specific Annotate workflow steps.

To do so, you submit a batch to Annotate. Here's how.

To send predictions to Annotate:

  1. Select the data rows with the predictions.

  2. From the Selection menu, choose Send to Annotate.

  3. Select the target project.

  4. Set project workflow step to reflect how you want the predictions handled.

  5. To use predictions as:

    • Prelabels: Select Initial labeling task.
    • Labels: Select the step where you want predictions to be assigned. You can choose between Rework (which rejects all pending labels), Initial review task, or Done. For help, see Workflows.
  6. Update other batch settings as needed and then select Submit

Resolving issues

Some models may return results that are not compatible with your project ontology. When this happens, an error message describes the problem and how to fix it.

In this example, the predictions do not correspond to features in the project ontology. If the incoming prediction can be mapped to your ontology, use the Map button to do so.

To map features, select a feature from the incoming ontology and then select the project ontology feature.

When all features are mapped, choose Save.

When the process is successful, the error message is replaced and the Submit button is enabled.

Select Submit to send your predictions to Annotate.