Technical prerequisites & recommendations

Prerequisites and best practices for using the Labelbox platform.

Technical prerequisites

To connect and use the Labelbox platform, you will need at least the following:

CPU64 bits
Memory (RAM)8 GB
Disk space4 GB available
Network speed40 Mbps
Internet browserA recent version of Google Chrome or similar (with WebGL supported)

Recommended settings

The editor's performance depends on several factors, including asset size, location of the data and labeler, time of day, machine specs, and network speed.

Below are the suggested thresholds for optimal performance. Note that getting within all of these thresholds is not required for using Labelbox effectively. These are just meant to be a benchmark you can reference if you want to improve editor performance for your labeling job.

Asset size256 MB or smaller
Location of data and labelerwithin the same time zone/same geographic area
Memory (RAM)16 GB or greater
Network speed200 Mbps or faster
Internet browserGoogle Chrome (recent version)


Labelbox is optimized for Google Chrome

We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser when you are using Labelbox. Our team optimizes and runs all of our tests on Google Chrome. While Labelbox will work on other web browsers, we do not recommend using Labelbox on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

If you are using a web browser other than Google Chrome and you encounter a bug, we may not be able to support you at this time. Labelbox is optimized for use on Google Chrome only.

Dark mode

You can choose to adopt a system-wide light or dark appearance. The dark appearance, known as dark mode, implements an interface style that reduces eye strain. You can choose to toggle the interface from light mode to dark mode at any time.

You can enable dark mode by clicking this icon in the left nav bar.

All parts of our platform support both light and dark interface styles. We recommend using dark mode when using our editor to reduce eye strain.