This is an enterprise tier feature that allows customers to manage multiple instances of Labelbox with segregates projects, data, and users.

What is a Workspace?

"Workspaces" is a feature from Labelbox that enables admins at large organizations to manage multiple instances of Labelbox with the same login. Each "Workspace" is essentially a separate instance of Labelbox with its own set of data rows, annotations, and users. The only users with access to all Workspaces are admins who have been configured as workspace admins. Non-workspace admin users will only be able to see the data, annotations, and projects within the Workspace they are configured in.

Some common use cases for Workspaces include segregating Labelbox instances for different business units and test/dev environments.

Annotations across all the workspaces will be aggregated for billing purposes.

Public workspace with example data

You have access to a public read-only workspace in which the products are actively kept fresh with data. It is recommended that you regularly check out sample datasets in the public workspace to see the new features in action.

Navigate between Workspaces

Workspace admin users can navigate between Workspaces by clicking the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of the app and selecting Workspaces. All Workspaces available to you will be shown on that screen.

Note: the "Public Demo" workspace is a read-only workspace available to all users with some samples data for you to explore how our Catalog and Diagnostics features work.


Contact support for access

Once you purchase Workspaces, please email [email protected] and we will set it up for your admin users.

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