This is an enterprise tier feature that allows customers to manage multiple instances of Labelbox with segregated projects, data, and users.

Workspaces enable admins at large organizations to manage multiple instances of Labelbox with the same login. Each workspace is essentially a separate instance of Labelbox with its own set of data rows, annotations, and users. The only users with access to all workspaces are admins who have been configured as workspace admins. Non-workspace admin users will only be able to see the data, annotations, and projects within the workspace they are configured in.

Some everyday use cases for workspaces include segregating Labelbox instances for different business units and test/dev environments.

Annotations across all the workspaces will be aggregated for billing purposes.


Contact support for access

After purchasing a workspace, please email [email protected] to proceed with setting up access for your admin users.

Please refrain from using email invitations to grant users that already have a Labelbox account access to an additional workspace. Rather, contact the support team with the information of all admin users that need multi-workspace access.

Public workspace with example data

Labelbox provides all users with a public read-only workspace. We recommend regularly checking out the sample datasets in this public workspace to see the new features in action. The Labelbox team actively keeps this public workspace fresh with data.


Public Demo workspace

The Public Demo workspace is a read-only workspace available to all users with some sample data for you to explore how our Catalog and Model products work.

To navigate to the public workspace:

  1. Click on your initials in the left panel.
  2. Click Switch workspace.
  1. Then, click Public Demo.

Public workspace with example data

Follow the steps above to switch workspaces.