Import cloud storage

You can import data from cloud storage hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Storage (GCS), and Microsoft Azure.

To import from cloud storage, you need to set up an integration between your provider and Labelbox.

To import data assets from a cloud bucket, you need to:

  • Create an integration between your cloud provider and Labelbox.
  • Grant Labelbox permission to read data from your bucket.
  • Enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

To learn more, see the guides for your provider:

Import from cloud bucket

Once you’ve set up a cloud bucket integration, you can use it to import data:

  1. From the dataset default screen, select Import data from cloud buckets securely.
  2. From the Connection type prompt, select Use cloud integration.
  3. Select your integration from the Integrations list.
  4. Select the data you wish to import, whether the entire bucket or selected folders.
  5. Select the type of data to import and then choose Next.
  6. Review the previews to verify the data and then select Confirm and create to begin the process.

This starts a background process that imports your data. You can monitor progress from the Notifications screen or work on other tasks.

Practices & guidelines

For best results when using the Labelbox app to import data assets, ensure that source filenames include appropriate file extensions for the underlying data type. For example, images should use .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .bmp as appropriate. For help identifying relevant file extensions, see the import specifications for your data type.

If you cannot control the file extensions of imported data assets, use the SDK to import them into Labelbox.