Import and upload data

Shows how to set up your data and bring it into Labelbox Catalog, either by importing or integrating with a database or other source.

To upload data to Labelbox, you'll need to create a dataset and import your data as data rows into that dataset.

Individual data assets are stored in data rows; you upload and associate a variety of annotations , such as labels , metadata, predictions, custom metrics, and more. Individual data rows are identified using global keys unique to your workspace.

There are several ways to do this; you can:

Common tasks

Here are the most common data import tasks:

Data types & import specs

The following data types can be imported.

NameKindsSDK Import specifications
ImagesPNG, JPEG, BMPImage import format
VideoMP4Video import format
TextTXT (UTF-8)Text import format
Conversational textTXT (UTF-8)Conversational text import format
Geospatial imageryTile Map ServerGeospatial import format
Simple tiledTile Map ServerSimple tiled import format
AudioMP3, WAV, M4AAudio import format
DocumentsPDFDocuments import format
HTMLHTMLHTML import format
DICOMDCMDICOM import format

SDK tutorials

The following tutorials show how to use the SDK to work with common objects: