Single Sign On (SSO)

Instructions for enterprise customers to begin the process of setting up SSO.


Configuring SSO (Single Sign On) for your Labelbox workspace lets you and all your teammates log in to the Labelbox platform using the credentials stored in your organization’s Active Directory, LDAP, or other identity store configured with an SSO provider.


Pricing Plans

Single Sign On is available for Enterprise only.
Please contact our Sales team to upgrade to a plan with this feature.

Support methods

List of supported SSO methods :

  • Custom SAML (SAML 2.0)
  • Okta
  • OpenID Connect
  • ADFS
  • Microsoft Azure AD

Getting started

Most often, we will require information to create the connection between your workspace and your SSO provider. To speed up the process, please provide the following wherever possible :

  1. A sign in page URL (also called a login URL).
  2. An X.509 certificate.
  3. The email domain(s) of all users using SSO to access your organisation.

Please create a ticket to begin the setup procedure with the above information.