Customer support

Labelbox’s Machine Learning Support Engineers (MLSEs) provide helpful resources and timely resolutions to your issues. Support is available during our normal business hours: Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm Pacific Time, excluding major U.S. holidays.

Our goal is to respond and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We guarantee the following first response times to all paying customers on annual contracts:

Message sent

First response time

During normal business hours

2 hours

Outside normal business hours

1 business day

How to file a ticket

  1. If you are a Pro or Enterprise Labelbox user, follow these steps to access the Help portal:

    a. Click on the ? icon in the top right corner.

    b. From the Help portal, select one of the following ticket types: Report an issue, Product feedback or General questions.

    c. Fill out the support ticket and click Send when you are done.

  2. If you are a Free Labelbox user, follow these steps to access the Help portal:

    a. Click on the ? icon in the top right corner to open the chatbox.

    b. From the chatbox, click Send us a message.

    c. Click I'm having a technical issue.

    d. Click on the Help portal link.

    e. Follow steps 1b & 1c above.


Direct access to the Help portal

You can access the Labelbox Help portal directly by visiting

Guidance for selecting issue urgency

Issue Urgency is broken into 4 categories:

  • High: I'm completely blocked from using Labelbox (Example: Labelbox will not load for any team members; team members are unable to log in).

  • Medium: I'm finding it difficult to use Labelbox (Example: The pen tool is not working properly for a large number of team members).

  • Low: I'm running into minor issues using Labelbox (Example: The usage report on the Account page is not working properly).

When you are selecting the urgency level, please keep in mind that the MLSE team may change any urgency selections they believe to be inaccurate. If the MLSE team believes the urgency level should be changed, they will send you a message stating why they are modifying the urgency. Our goal is to prioritize issues with the highest impact.

How to view reported tickets

  1. After you create a ticket, you will get an email from [email protected] that says “LS-[ticket number and name of ticket]”.

  2. Click View request and follow directions to sign up for Jira.

  1. After you sign up for Jira, click Requests on the top right corner to view/add ticket information.

How to get the Organization ID

You can copy the Organization ID under Account > Details.

How to get the Project ID

When you select a project in the app, you'll find the project ID in the URL.

How to get the Dataset ID

When you select a dataset from the Datasets tab, the URL contains the dataset ID.

How to get the Label ID

When you click on a Data Row from the Activity table under the Labels tab, it will open the Label browser. From here you can select the Label and copy the Label ID from the last part of the URL.

Examples of completed tickets

Here are some examples that demonstrate how to complete each ticket type.

Topic: Report an issueTopic: Report an issue

Topic: Report an issue

Topic: Product feedbackTopic: Product feedback

Topic: Product feedback

Topic: General questionTopic: General question

Topic: General question

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