February 2, 2021

Release notes


  • You can use the Model-assisted labeling workflow to import radio classifications with child radio classifications into Labelbox (1/11/21).

  • When you select an object in the Editor, the annotation will be highlighted for better visibility (1/25/21).

  • You can now click and drag Bounding box and Point annotations in the Editor (1/18/21)


  • The Project creation workflow has been improved (2/1/21).

  • We increased the clickable region for Point annotations, making it easier to select point annotations in the Editor (1/18/21).

  • The Editor will now persist searched tools when using the hotkey to complete an annotation (1/25/21).

  • Objects in the image editor can now be selected by the overlay titles (1/21/21).

  • When you have already created annotations using an ontology, you will be restricted from changing certain types of objects or classifications in that ontology (1/25/21).