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Catalog allows you to visualize and search for your raw unlabeled data, metadata, labeled ground truth, and model inferences in one place. No need to waste time and resources building and maintaining infrastructure just to view your data.

You can use Catalog to search for labeled and unlabeled data using filters for metadata, model inferences, and other attributes. Send this batch of data directly to a labeling project in just a few clicks.

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Import data from any source and annotate the data types you need including images, video, text, documents, audio, medical imagery, and tiled imagery/geospatial data.

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Turn your labeled data into a trained model without friction. Connect Labelbox to your preferred model training cloud provider or your custom model training service via webhooks or the Python SDK and launch training jobs all from the Labelbox UI. Simplify your pipeline with a single low-code integration.

Visualize model errors and take action to improve performance faster. Quickly identify edge cases in your data using model embeddings. Cluster visually similar data to better understand trends in model performance and data distribution. Then, interact with your data visually and compare model predictions to ground truth. Get to know the nuances of your model's performance and add crucial context to metrics like confidence and IoU.

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Boost is a service layer that includes an integrated data labeling service.

  • Workflow set up and ontology defined in just days. Deep experience in project and instruction design to limit mistakes.
  • A team dedicated to driving efficiency and supporting growth while managing cost. Consistent monitoring to minimize risk and maximize quality.
  • Ability to evolve approach as needs shift or workflows gain efficiency. Combine external teams alongside in-house or existing resources.

Learn more about Workforce Boost (data labeling service)


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