February 5, 2024

Release notes



  • When you select a project in Annotate, you will now see a count for “Skipped” data rows in the project overview.
  • The text search filter in Catalog now supports text attachments.
  • The new Cluster view (beta) in Catalog is a visual tool that allows you to explore relationships between data rows, identify edge cases and outliers, select for pre-labeling or human review, and quickly classify large datasets in bulk. Read our docs on Cluster view (beta) to learn more.
  • The new Cloud bucket sync (beta) provides a simple way for you to sync the data in your cloud buckets to Labelbox (supported for AWS S3 buckets, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage). You must have IAM delegated access configured in order to use the cloud bucket sync (beta) in Catalog.
  • Foundry now has the following improvements:
    • GPT4v will now support PDF files
    • Gemini Pro Vision supports video classification use cases
    • Improved speed for preview mode for GPT-like models and llava\llama
    • Increased the speed on the submit job mode


  • We removed the technical limitation that prevented customers from exporting over 700K data rows at a time. Read our docs on streamable exports and Limits to learn more about the new export limits.
  • Our new flat-rate LBU pricing system makes understanding your usage in Labelbox easier. To learn more about the recent LBU pricing changes, see our Manage account and billing docs.
  • When you select a project in Annotate, you will see a new project overview UI that shows labeling progress, workflow tasks, and other key configurations for your project.
  • We made some improvements to increase the reliability of routing data rows within Annotate workflows. This improvement mostly helps large-scale organizations that rely heavily on review workflows and workflow history for their operations.


  • When you update the metadata field on a data row, the change should be reflected in the “Last activity” filter in Catalog.
  • Creating multiple relationships between points and other vector annotations in the editor now works as expected.
  • The issue where tracked bounding boxes appear outside the editor canvas has been fixed.
  • The issue of the editor not allowing you to unhide a single annotation when the whole annotation group is hidden has been fixed. You can now hide/unhide individual annotations as expected.
  • The hotkeys for zooming in and out of an asset in the editor have been fixed.
  • Now, when a user navigates back to a skipped data row in the editor, the user can’t navigate to the next asset without filling in all required fields or discarding the changes.
  • The sequence of undoing/redoing annotations and then creating new annotations now works as expected.


Python SDK

The latest version of our Python SDK is v3.61.2. See our full changelog in Github for more details on what was added recently.

Version 3.61.2 (2024-01-29)


  • ModelSlice.get_data_row_identifiers for Foundry data rows


  • ModelSlice.get_data_row_identifiers scoping by model run id

Version 3.61.1 (2024-01-25)


  • Removed export API limit (5000)

Version 3.61.0 (2024-01-22)


  • ModelSlice.get_data_row_identifiers
    • Fetches all data row ids and global keys for the model slice
    • NOTE Foundry model slices are note supported yet


  • Updated exports v1 deprecation date to April 30th, 2024
  • Remove streamable param from export_v2 methods

Version 3.60.0 (2024-01-17)


  • Get resource tags from a project
  • Method to CatalogSlice to get data row identifiers (both uids and global keys)
  • Added deprecation notice for the upsert_review_queue method in project


  • Update notebook for Project move_data_rows_to_task_queue
  • Added notebook for model foundry
  • Added notebook for migrating from Exports V1 to V2

Version 3.59.0 (2024-01-05)


  • Support set_labeling_parameter_overrides for global keys
  • Support bulk_delete of data row metadata for global keys
  • Support bulk_export of data row metadata for global keys


  • Stop overwriting class annotations on prediction upload
  • Prevent users from uploading video annotations over the API limit (5000)
  • Make description optional for foundry app


  • Update notebooks for Project set_labeling_parameter_overrides add support for global keys