Usage & billing


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How is usage measured?

Below are the key usage metrics that may be used for billing purposes subject to the contract terms.




Total annotation count in the organization (includes deleted annotations). For billing purposes, an annotation count may differ from the annotation class distribution counts you may see inside the labeling projects.

For billing purposes, every instance of annotation is counted as billable. For example, a bounding box with a nested classification is measured as 2 billable annotations.

Annotations count are of two kinds: Human-generated and Imported

Data rows

Total number of data rows (labeled or unlabeled) in an organization

Labels [legacy]

Total number of labels (includes deleted)


Total number of users in the organization


Total number of projects in the organization

Custom metadata fields

Total number of custom metadata fields in the organization

Labeling hours

Total amount of screen time spent by humans on labeling or reviewing data

Workforce boost rate

Labelbox offers Workforce Boost at an hourly rate. The time unit is measured as the time taken by a human on the Labelbox editor during the labeling or reviewing activity. This allows you to gain significant cost advantages by employing various labeling automation techniques to make the labeling tasks easier or faster.

Our technology-enabled competitors who primarily offer labeling services don't like this model because their business model is based on selling human labor. They prefer to sell annotations at a fixed cost, employ labeling automation techniques themselves (often utilizing your data to train AI models internally) to drive down their costs. Labelbox is leading the change by offering state-of-the-art software tools and automation techniques to ML teams to keep human labeling costs at a minimum.


What happens to my annotations if I migrate from a paid plan to the Developer Tier?

If you migrate from a paid plan to the developer (free) tier, Labelbox will not delete any data from your account. If you have already submitted 10,000 annotations in the past 12 months, you will no longer be able to export labels.

If my account has more than 5 users, will any users be deactivated when I migrate from a paid account to the Developer Tier?

No users will be deactivated, but you will not be able to add additional users.

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