Manage billing details

Shows how to view and update your billing details, which include your payment method, billing contact, and invoice history.

View billing details

To your billing details, open the Billing tab and then select the Manage button displayed to the right of your current account type.

Not every subscription displays a Manage button to the right of the account type. (For example, Enterprise accounts do not display the button.)

If no Manage button appears to the right of the account type on the Billing tab, contact Sales for help.

When you select the Manage button, the Manage your Labelbox plan view appears.

Add new payment method

To update your payment method, use the Add payment method link displayed in the Payment Method section.

Remove a payment method

To remove a payment method, select the Remove button (x) displayed to the right of the payment details.

You must have at least one payment method. If your current method has expired, add the new method before removing the expired one.

Change billing contact details

To view or update your billing details, select Update information in the Billing Information section. Available details include name, address, email address, and phone number.

Review invoices and payments

Use the Invoice History section to review invoice details and payment status.

To view or download an invoice or a receipt, select the invoice date.

For help with invoice questions, contact Support.