Update account plan

Shows how to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Labelbox account.

This article shows how to upgrade your subscription, downgrade your subscription, or delete your account.

Upgrade account plan

The process to upgrade your current plan depends on the plan you intend to select.

To upgrade to:

  • Starter: From the Billing tab, locate Starter in the All plans list and then select Switch to plan.

  • Enterprise: Contact Sales.

Plan upgrades require valid payment methods. To upgrade a free account, for example, you need to add a valid payment method to your account. Payment methods for Starter and Standard accounts can be managed through the Billing tab. Enterprise customers should contact Sales.

Plan upgrades become available when payment is confirmed. When using a credit card, upgrades become effective as soon as your payment is accepted. When using ACH transfers (US only), upgrades become available when your bank confirms the transfer.

Downgrade account plan

The process to downgrade your current plan depends on your existing plan.

To downgrade a Starter plan:

  1. Use Workplace Settings to open your organization settings and then select the Billing tab and then select the Manage button displayed to the right of your plan name.

  2. When the Manage your Labelbox plan view appears, select Cancel plan.

  3. When the Cancel plan confirmation appears, select Cancel plan

To downgrade an Enterprise plan or to change the billing frequency, contact Sales.

Plan downgrades take place at the beginning of the next billing cycle, typically the first of the next month. Until that time, you can continue to use the benefits of the previous plan.

When a plan downgrade is pending, a reminder banner appears on the Billing tab.

To cancel a plan downgrade, renew the plan.

Cancel account plan

To cancel a Free, Starter, or Standard account plan:

  1. Use Workplace Settings to open the Billing tab.
  2. Scroll past the All plans list to locate the Cancel plan button and then select it.

To cancel an Enterprise account, contact Sales.

Before canceling a plan, you should remove your data. The following links can help: