Manage selections

Describes the Selection menu, which helps manage selected data rows.

When you use Catalog to select one or more data rows, the Selection menu displays the number of rows selected.

When you open the Selection menu, you can perform a number of actions on the selected data rows:

Preview selection Displays selected data rows in a detailed view.
Add batch to projectGroups selected data rows into a batch and then opens the Review batch view, which lets you queue data rows for labeling.
Add metadata

Opens the Add metadata panel for the selected data rows; this lets you assign metadata values to the selected rows.

Metadata values must exist before they can be added to data rows.
Add classification

Assigns a classification to the selected data rows.

The classification must already exist and be defined by an ontology associated with a project.
Export data v2Opens the Export panel, which lets you create a JSON file designed to export the selected data rows using the settings defined in the panel.
Select all Selects all data rows currently in view.
Deselect all Clears data row selections.
Delete data rows Deletes selected data rows, after confirmation. For details, see Delete data rows.

Delete data rows

When you delete data rows, a confirmation prompt asks you to confirm your decision.

To continue, enter the word delete and then select the Delete Button.

Note that data rows are permanently removed, along with additional details, such as annotations, metadata, classifications, and so on. Use care when deleting data rows; this is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

If you accidentally delete the wrong data rows, you need to import the original data and add previous details.