View account details

Shows how to sign in to the Labelbox app to view your account, verify your current plan, and to manage your billing details.

To view account details and verify your current plan:

  1. Sign in to the Labelbox app.

  2. From the main menu, select Workplace Settings.

  3. When the Organization settings view appears, select the Billing tab.

  4. Your current plan is displayed in the Manage Billing section.

  5. For a list of available plans, scroll to the All Plans section. Your current plan is highlighted.

Use the All plans section to:

The All plans section is not displayed for Enterprise plans. For help with an Enterprise plan, contact Sales.

If your current plan name includes "(legacy)", your current plan has been retired. To renew or otherwise change your plan benefits, you'll need to select a new plan. Note that legacy plan upgrades can't be rolled back; that is, you cannot downgrade to a retired plan.

If you do not see a Billing tab, you might not be authorized to view billing details. Contact your administrator for help.

If you have a Free subscription, you can also open the Billing tab by selecting Upgrade plan from the Help menu.

View account usage

Organization admins can use the Usage tab of Workspace Settings to track LBU use across Catalog, Annotate, and Model.

If you don't see a Usage tab on Workspace settings, you might not have appropriate permissions. Contact your administrator to learn more.

Next steps

From here you can:

  1. Manage your billing details, such as payment method and billing contact.
  2. Update your plan by upgrading to a new plan, downgrading, or removing your account.