March 3, 2021

Release notes


  • You can now label the data in your S3 buckets with our new IAM Delegated Access workflow (2/19/21).

  • A section for pending member invitations now appears at the top of the Members tab. You have the ability to re-send or revoke invitations from this section (3/1/21).

  • When you attempt to detach a dataset from a project, a confirmation modal will warn you that detaching a dataset will remove it from the project and any annotations associated with this dataset will not be re-enqueued if deleted (2/22/21).

  • The video label export now contains keyframe information for each annotation. See our video export docs to view the new JSON format (2/25/21).

  • You can now measure NER label agreement with the Consensus tool (2/18/21).

  • In the Account section, we added annotation usage analytics for tracking annotation volume on image, video, and text assets (2/10/21).

  • You can also get annotation counts via the GraphQL API (2/10/21).


  • You can find our new and improved Python API reference here (2/19/20).